Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children Every child is unique and special. Children and adolescents deserve a safe space to work through their challenges with a trusted adult. Our therapists treat children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, behavioral issues, problems with body image, self-esteem, substance abuse, trauma, grief, and difficult transitions like a move, divorce, and loss.
Parents As we work with children it is important that we include parents in the process. We work with parents to equip them to support their children as they learn to navigate through their challenges. We also offer parenting coaching sessions for parents who want to be better equipped to manage the challenges of parenting children who are struggling. For parenting coaching click here.

Groups We offer groups for children on select topics such as divorce, anxiety, trauma, and body image. Please click here to go to the groups page for descriptions, fees, and details.

Therapists Our child and adolescent therapists and parent coaches are below. Please click on their names to go to their bio page for more information on their experience, specialty, and approach to therapy. Please click on the fees page to see each therapist’s fee schedule.

Hannah Fay, MSW, LSW
Therapist, Parent Coach, Educator

My passion is to help children and young adults overcome both their inner emotional conflict as well as their outward behavioral struggles. My professional and life experiences of working in foster care, school settings, and eventually abroad in a residential setting have equipped me to meet both you and your child wherever you find yourselves on your healing journey in dealing with trauma, abuse, neglect, grief, PTSD, mood and adjustment disorders, and sensory processing.  My hope is that you will find a calming, non-judgmental environment where you feel accompanied in your process of gaining personal insights that promote long term healing.

PARENTING COACH:  Many parents find that having a coach as a sounding board and an educator during parenting challenges to be invaluable.  I strongly believe in equipping and empowering parents to parent their children well and to feel good about it along the way!

ADOPTION & FOSTER FAMILIES:  As a Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) trained professional, I have provided both direct care and educational support for foster and adoptive parents and their children. TBRI is a research based therapeutic model that uses a systemic approach to help children who come from trauma backgrounds and it can be used for children and caregivers from all backgrounds.

YOUNG ADULTS:  I use a strengths-based, holistic approach to empower you to give voice to pain and find your strengths to overcome whatever obstacles may be standing in your way of healing, through the therapeutic process. My goal is that you and your loved ones will learn and practice the necessary skills to not just survive the day to day but truly thrive.